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IVF Riga

The New Word in the Treatment of Infertility – EmbryoScope

iVF Riga offers a new method of cultivation of embryos in the unique incubator EmbryoScope, which provides continuous monitoring of the embryo development and recording it on video.

EmbryoScope is the latest technological achievement, which has contributed to improved results of infertility treatment. This device is an incubator that controls not only the temperature and carbon dioxide levels, but also the levels of oxygen required by embryos in small amounts. EmbryoScope has a built-in camera which records all the stages of embryo development, while the environment in the incubator recreates the conditions in the mother’s belly as closely as possible.

Indications for infertility treatment using EmbryoScope:

  • For patients with failed implantation in previous IVF cycles;
  • For patients with poor egg or semen quality;
  • For patients over 35 years old;
  • For patients after missed abortions

EmbryoScope advantages:

It acts as an innovative embryo selection tool

Using a dedicated computer programme, a specialist may at any time observe the process of embryo division and identify errors – whether the division is either too slow or too fast. This way, it is possible to understand on day 5 which of the embryos can be implanted better during the transfer and develop further.
Previously, it was difficult to determine which of the embryos is of better quality, as each embryo is developing at its own speed. If an embryo does not look good enough at the very beginning, it may level off and catch up with the rest in a matter of a few hours. Video monitoring shows all the errors of cell division: a large number of nuclei, asymmetric division, etc.

Exclusion of any stress factors during embryo processing

All you need to do now in order to see how the embryo is developing is just look at the screen. There is no need to remove the embryos from the incubator anymore – all of this affects the outcome of the treatment.
Thanks to EmbryoScope – the state-of-the-art incubator – the prediction process has become more objective for the first time, which has been instantly reflected on the medical records. According to scientists, the success rate of IVF procedures has now grown 20%!

From 2018, new generation EmbryoScope+ incubator has been installed and is already working in the Embryo laboratory of the iVF Riga clinic to improve the development of embryos, as well as for continuous video monitoring and recording. New EmbryoScope+ allows the simultaneous cultivation up to 16 embryos for 15 patients, which is twice as large as in the previous version of the device.
The incubator is also equipped with a bar-code system for patient identification.
The latest version of the device has improved imagery analysis functions; more controlled conditions for embryo cultivation are provided, to avoid any stress factors, which may be caused by the external environment.
Our clinic specialists are sure that using the new version of Embryoscope+ we can achieve even better results for our patients!
iVF Riga Clinic is the only clinic in the Baltic countries and one of the few in Europe to provide EmbryoScope+ treatment.