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Ultrasound Examination (US or Ultrasonography Diagnostics)

It is a diagnostic method that uses ultrasound.
The ultrasound device has many operating modes that are used during the examination. A basic ultrasound examination is performed in the real-time mode (B – mode). During a heart and blood vessel examination, doppler mode used – pulsed waves and colors. Ultrasound devices also have other types of operating modes which are improve a basic ultrasound examination. Recently ultrasound examination became possible to do three-dimensional imaging ultrasonography (3D) and three-dimensional imaging in real-time mode (4D).
The most important factors which may affect ultrasound activity is definitely the quality and level of the devices as well as qualification of specialists who will perform the ultrasound examination. In the iVf Riga clinic, ultrasound are diagnostics is performed by highly qualified doctors with the help of Mindray, which is one of the recognized leaders in Ultrasound equipment – scanner expert class.)

Abdominal ultrasound

If there  is  pain in the abdomen or back, fever because of unclear cause, digestions disorders – it is the right time for Abdominal ultrasound diagnostic procedure. In the case of chronic diseases abdominal ultrasound must be performed not less than once a year, being guided by recommendations of the treating doctor. Abdominal ultrasound examination is recommended as a regular checkup once a year.
It is preferable to perform US diagnostic procedure in the morning on an empty stomach or 6-8 hours after meal. Abdominal ultrasound is possible to evaluate condition of the following important organs such as: liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, adrenal glands, stomach, large intestines – their location, shape, size and structure etc.; also to diagnose possible changes of those indicators, to find hidden pathologies early, partially also their function disorders. If it is necessary abdominal ultrasound diagnostics may be supplemented with dopplerographic examinations.

Thyroid Gland Ultrasound Diagnostics

Is performed with a help of high frequency probe. It is recommended in the following cases:

  • if there were any new growths found in the neck frontal wall
  • if there is pain or discomfort in the area of frontal neck
  • if there are signs of dysfunction of the thyroid gland

It is mandatory for people with following health conditions:

  • who were previously diagnosed with thyroid gland diseases
  • for healthy people – living in the unfavorable environmental areas and factory centres
  • for women with mammary gland and/or gynecological pathologies

If there are indications it is recommended to perform puncture biopsy of the thyroid gland growths with histological analysis of the obtained tissue. Your treating doctor will establish the frequency of repeated examinations (but not less than once a year). Examination is performed without special preparations.

US diagnostics of the mammary glands (Breast Ultrasound)

Is performed with a help of a high frequency probe.

Urgent ultrasound of the mammary gland (as first stage of the diagnostic examination) must be performed in the following cases:

  • if there were established (for example patient found it herself) any changes in the mammary gland structure
  • if there is pain in the mammary gland area
  • if there are nipple discharges
  • if shape of the mammary gland has changed

Examination will be performed without special preparations; it is recommended to perform it in preventive purposes once a year.

Ultrasound Examination for men

This examination is designed to determine the structure and size of the testicles, its appendages of primary vas deferens. Ultrasound examination is used in complex diagnosis of azoospermia and OAT.

NB! The examination is very important to exclude tumors, if found an obscure, especially painless, increases, seals, assemblies or structures in the scrotum.

Transrectal Examination of Prostate

The examination is made to determine the size and structure of the prostate and the end parts of seminiferous tubules in complex diagnosis OAT, azoospermia and problems with ejaculations. If there is suspicion of a malignant tumor in prostate, as well as in some other cases, the examination can be completed with puncture of desired area or organ in order to obtain a sample of tissue or fluid.

Ultrasound Examination of Urinary Organs

Part of examination of the abdomen, which is examined in the kidney, bladder and prostate. The method allows determine changes in the structure and size of these organs, as well as find stones, tumor, deformities and stagnation in them.