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iVF Riga Reproductive Tissue Bank (Genetic Material Bank)

iVF Riga opened the first official reproductive tissue bank in Europe. The need to preserve one`s genetic material can occur while planning treatment for cancer or other serious diseases. After the treatment of such diseases, there is an enormous risk of infertility. The decision to freeze and keep in a bank one`s own reproductive cells can also be taken by perfectly healthy people who are not currently planning having children, but wish to exclude the possibility of infertility at a time when a pregnancy would be desirable. In an IVF treatment cycle several oocytes can be fertilized. Typically, only one or two embryos can be implanted, so the other embryos are sent for cryoconservation. Embryos can be safely stored in a genetic material bank for 10 years, waiting for the next transfer to a female body. At the time when the couple plans another child, embryos will be thawed and transferred into the uterus of a patient.
It is evident today that modern methods of freezing and storage of genetic material is perfectly safe. Theoretically, genetic material can be stored in the bank forever, but Latvian legislation restricts the storage for a period of 10 years.

Freezing of The Genetic Material (Cryopreservation)

Freezing of The Genetic Material (Cryopreservation) means freezing of the genetic material (eggs, sperm and embryos) at a low temperature. It is a safe and verified method, which does not leave any impact on the ability of the egg's ability to be fertilized, the spermatozoon's ability to fertilize, or the embryo's development. Our clinic iVF Riga uses the method of vitrification (ultra-fast freezing), which enables us to preserve genetic material with up to a 98% survival rate after thawing. Cryopreservation allows conceiving a child in a few years, including people who have undergone oncological treatment.

Who particularly needs cryoconservation of eggs and sperm?

Freezing of the genetic material (cryopreservation) is carried out if you wish to postpone the birth of children or when diagnosing cancer and cryopreservation must be done to preserve the genetic material. Patients with oncological diseases before chemotherapy and radiation therapy are recommended cryopreservation of reproductive cells to preserve fertility and to avoid the need for donor sperm or eggs.

iVF Riga clinic offers freezing and storing of genetic material – eggs, sperm and embryos. Frozen material can be stored up to 10 years.