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What You Need to Know About the Prenatal Ultrasound?

Ultrasound diagnostics (US) have no harmful side-effects for future mothers or for their babies. Children do not go through stress during this examination. To this day, there have never been any confirmations about ultrasound side-effects for the patients or for the specialists who perform this standard examination procedure every day. Existing data shows that the reasonable use of ultrasound has more positive benefits than possible negative side-effects (if side-effects even exist). Both the doctor and children's parents are able to control the settings of the device in connection with mechanical and thermal indexes that are visible on a screen. These indicators will help prevent the possibility of any negative side-effects by providing real-time status information. US procedures may be performed with no limits, but every examination must have specific aims and tasks. There must be medical indications for US examination. This examination only requires a positive emotional state from the patient. It is recommended to have a full bladder before examination so that will be easier to evaluate the canal of the cervix.

During pregnancy women may feel frightened and express their concerns about the health of their future child, they may feel concerned about the fetus`s correct development. To make sure that the baby is fine, a – US screening examination is performed.

US diagnostics during the pregnancy provides the opportunity:

  • to exclude the most prevalent and most dangerous health issues during the development of the fetus
  • to reveal the a miscarriage
  • to specify the date when pregnancy has occurred in the case of irregular menstruation, or if the date of conception is unknown
  • to diagnose promptly any complications of the pregnancy
  • to control the development and health status of the fetus

It is necessary to undergo US examination during the pregnancy at least 3 times:

  • 11th – 13th pregnancy week
  • 20th – 22nd pregnancy week
  • 32nd – 34th pregnancy week