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Pregnancy – The Three Trimesters

Pregnancy - it is one of the most important moments in a woman's life and it is important to have your own doctor who will observe the pregnancy and support you. In order to help reduce the effects of stress on your pregnancy, it is important that your choice of clinic for prenatal care is fully equipped for all required examinations and tests and is available at a time convenient to you.

Our clinic offers you following services in prenatal care:

  1. Registration in the prenatal care program (issue of all official documents);
  2. All types of laboratory testing;
  3. US (ultrasound) examination, including 4D US;
  4. Genetic testing (screening) starting in the 9th – 11th week of pregnancy and then from the 15th – 18th week of pregnancy;
  5. In cases where there is a high risk of genetic diseases – amniocentesis will be recommended. It is a procedure during which amniotic fluid is obtained for a genetic examination;
  6. Day care department – for you to receive all necessary medication support in our clinic;
  7. Cardiography – it gives an opportunity to evaluate the fetal condition during the last weeks of pregnancy.