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Zita Gaidule (on maternity leave)

Zita Gaidule (on maternity leave)
Zita Gaidule (on maternity leave)
Egg Donor Coordinator, International Patient Coordinator

Egg Donor Coordinator, International Patient Coordinator. Is on maternity leave.


Studied at Riga Stradins University, Faculty of Medicine, and The Latvian Academy of Culture - Latvian Culture College.

Graduated from the Business psychology department of Riga's International Economic and Business School and received a bachelor's degree in social sciences in business.


Regularly attends international and local courses and seminars dedicated to patient coordination.
Member of ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology).

Information for patients

"From taking your first step into the Clinic, Your shoulders will feel lighter, as I will take a part of your burden on my shoulders!
There will be difficult times and hard decisions to make, but You won’t be alone, as I will always be reachable, no matter from which country You come from, as distance is not a setback anymore.
With empathy I will walk through this process together with You - I will share the pain of our failures and rejoice about our success!
Receiving positive pregnancy test results from my patients, is one of the best feelings I can imagine! We are doing our best to gain this feeling every day!
I am grateful that I have a chance to take part in this admirable miracle – creating new lives!"


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