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PRP-therapy: advanced method of female and male infertility treatment

IVF Riga

iVF Riga Clinic provides a new, advanced method of female and male infertility treatment: PRP-therapy.
With the help of PRP-therapy, it became possible for women to restore endometrium and ovaries, and to activate the process of sperm production (spermatogenesis) for men.

PRP-therapy (autologous platelet-rich plasma) is the treatment with own blood plasma enriched with platelets – blood cells containing many alpha-granules with a large number of growth factors. Growth factors play a key role in tissue regeneration, activate cell growth and their renewal. When high concentrated platelet-derived factors are injected into the damaged or atrophied tissues, tissues healing and regeneration processes are activated.

How can PRP-therapy help with infertility treatment?

For women, it’s an opportunity to cheat the biological clock!

The main indications for PRP-therapy:

  • Ovarian failure syndrome – PRP-therapy helps for ovarian rejuvenation and makes it possible to restart menstrual cycle
  • Women of advanced maternal age (menopausal and perimenopausal women) – PRP-therapy can help to grow more eggs, which will increase the chances for a positive result in the IVF cycle or for spontaneous pregnancy.
  • Patients with endometrial hypoplasia – successful embryo implantation is impossible for them due to a thin layer of the endometrium. PRP-therapy for such women is a real breakthrough, especially in cases when it is not possible to grow endometrium with the help of medicines.
  • Chronic endometritis and endometriosis of the uterus
  • Asherman's syndrome
  • Recurrent failed IVF cycles
  • Complications after unsuccessful surgical treatment
  • Complications after abortions

In all these cases, PRP-therapy significantly improves embryo implantation in both IVF cycles and natural pregnancy.

For men, it’s an opportunity to become a biological father!

PRP-therapy of the testicles is carried out in the most complicated cases of infertility:

  • There are very few spermatozoa in the sperm (oligozoospermia <10 million / ml)
  • Hormone therapy is not recommended
  • Hormone therapy did not give results

Usually in such cases, the chances for pregnancy are very small. But we can offer a new innovative treatment - using PRP-therapy of the testicles!

The purpose of the procedure is to activate spermatogenesis (sperm production) in the testicles, which is not active enough, that’s why sperm quality is reduced and pregnancy in the partner does not appear. When high concentrated platelet-derived factors are injected into the testicular tissues, cell healing and regeneration processes are activated, which supports to the restoration of spermatogenesis.

This procedure is innovative and, due to its recent appearance, still experimental. However, according to currently available data, it succeeds in about 50-60% of cases. In any case, advanced medicine specialists believes this is a breakthrough in reproductive technologies that could potentially give a chance for pregnancy with own eggs – or for the restoration and activation of spermatogenesis in men and the opportunity to have their own children in seemingly hopeless situation.