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PGD - Preimplantation genetic diagnosis & PGS - Preimplantation genetic screening

IVF Riga

PGD (Preimplantation genetic diagnosis) and PGS (Preimplantation genetic screening) tests provide an opportunity to perform the screening of all 24 chromosomes of the embryo (chromosome count, the most common aneuploidies) before it is placed into uterus of the woman. It gives an opportunity to the couples to choose an embryo for transfer without any genetic anomalies. The test is recommended for couples who had cases of repeated miscarriages with unknown cause as well as for those who had a baby born with genetic disorders. Results of previous tests are issued within two weeks period.

For the performance of this test embryos of the top quality are selected for the day of biopsy. Each selected embryo is getting marked. Genetic analysis is performed with the help of aCGH test. After the biopsy procedure the embryos get frozen and in next cycle when the results of genetic tests are issues, it is possible to select embryos with no anomalies present and transfer them into the uterine cavity.

PGD is recommended for patients as follows:

  • • For patients who had repeated miscarriages in the past and unsuccessful embryo implantation
  • • For patients who have serious inherited genetic disorders or those who are genetic carriers
  • • For patients who had a baby born with serious inherited genetic disorder and there is a high risk that the next baby may be born ill too
  • • For females after the age of 35 who have developing good quality embryos (in IVF treatment) but the pregnancy has not occurred in order to establish possible anomalies in the chromosome number
  • • For those who want to investigate the sex-linked genetic diseases
  • • For those with poor quality of sperm – low concentration, abnormal morphology of sperm cells, high DNA fragmentation (oligoastenoteratozoospermia)

Biopsy procedure requires the usage of high-tech Technologies (Laser Assisted Hatching). With the help of the laser it is possible to perform the hatching of the embryo in the specific marked place and trajectory. It allows the fast and harmless performance of embryo hatching and also to the maximum point to eliminate the chance of damaging of embryonic tissue during the procedure.

Assisted Embryo Hatching with the help of laser is very significant for performance of biopsy. Embryo Biopsy is performed in order to retrieve several cells from the blastocyst and perform Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis.