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New generation EmbryoScope+

IVF Riga

New generation EmbryoScope+ incubator has been installed and is already working in the Embryo laboratory of the iVF Riga clinic to improve the development of embryos, as well as for continuous video monitoring and recording.
It should be noted that iVF Riga is the first clinic in the Baltic States, which installed EmbryoScope technology in 2013 to improve the results in IVF treatment. EmbryoScope incubators are now considered the best equipment for artificial insemination technologies, and not all clinics in the world can offer such an opportunity in the spectrum of their services.
Embryos are cultivated in the EmbryoScope incubator before they are inserted into the uterine cavity, which makes it possible to observe the embryos continuously in real time without removing them from the incubator and also to record all the stages of their development. EmbryoScope is equipped with heating elements that maintain the optimum temperature and gases composition inside to make the environment in the incubator as close as possible to the conditions in the mother’s belly. Such conditions allow embryos to develop in a safe and controlled environment and to avoid stress factors in their development.
New EmbryoScope+ allows the simultaneous cultivation up to 16 embryos for 15 patients, which is twice as large as in the previous version of the device.
The incubator is also equipped with a bar-code system for patient identification.
The latest version of the device has improved imagery analysis functions; more controlled conditions for embryo cultivation are provided, to avoid any stress factors, which may be caused by the external environment.
Our clinic specialists are sure that using the new version of Embryoscope+ we can achieve even better results for our patients!