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New EmbryoGen medium

IVF Riga

Artificial Insemination is a multi-stage process during which every step is the most important one. Until present it was possible to control and ensure optimal best conditions from the moment of Egg Collection until Embryo Transfer. Today with the help of the new EmbryoGen medium it is possible to improve the development of an embryo also in the uterus of a female. Embryos until the third day are cultivated in this medium and according to the latest researches it significantly improves the level of cell communication of mother and embryo. Women after 35 have a higher risk of not carrying a child successfully, it is recommended for those patients to apply EmbryoGen.

EmbryoGen composition has signal molecules which are also found in mother's tissue. These signal molecules improve the level of cell communication between mother and embryo, thus protecting embryo from stress and making it stronger at the beginning of implantation and at its end. One of the reasons for miscarriage is an immune response from a woman's body to the embryo as a foreign object. EmbryoGen is improving this communication between mother's and child's cells, which further improves embryo implantation process.