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iVF Riga – 2018: Facts & Figures

IVF Riga

The results of 2018 showed that iVF Riga clinic is developing in the right direction, successfully introducing the latest advances in the field of reproduction, andrology, genetics and embryology, and combining various advanced technologies in developing an individualized treatment plan for every patient.
The efficiency of our embryology laboratory is beyond doubt - the survival rate of embryos after thawing is 98%, which exceeds international standards (ESHRE - 95%). In 2018, biopsy was performed for 303 patients - 1500 embryos were biopted!!! For comparison: in 2017, biopsy was performed for 900 embryos...
Our patients no longer doubt that it is necessary to apply preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) within IVF cycle in case of certain indications (women over the age of 35 and men over 45, patients after repeated unsuccessful IVF cycles, repeated missed abortions, with diagnosed changes in their karyotype). Therefore, it is very important to grow embryos before the day 5 (blastocysts) and make a biopsy of the trophectoderm (cells of the outer layer of the blastocyst, from which the placenta is then formed). With the help of this testing more accurate diagnosis of genetic abnormalities is possible, since it is carried out with a larger number of cells. As a result, we can select only genetically healthy embryos for embryo transfer, which leads to the pregnancy and the birth of healthy babies! In the laboratory of our Genetic centre, 2183 embryos have already been analyzed for the presence of genetic abnormalities.
And there are new achievements ahead!
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