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IVF Riga

iVF Riga is the winner of Infertility Treatment Clinic Award 2017 – for the third time!
In 2017, IVF Riga clinic participated in the annual international competition “Infertility Treatment Clinic of the year”. And, according to the competent jury decision, iVF Riga is recognized as the best clinic of the year in the category “Infertility Treatment Program” (Source). It is our third award in this category and we are very proud of this!  At iVF Riga clinic, we are constantly trying to apply all the latest achievements of modern reproduction medicine for the benefit of our patients. We also want to share our achievements with everyone who is interested in modern IVF possibilities, to let people know: there is always hope, you just should believe and act!  
This victory confirms once again that we are on the right way; it gives us the strength to keep moving forward! IVF treatment is the basic business line of our clinic, and we are happy that our IVF program was recognized as the best at the highest international level!