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Insertion of a cerclage pessary for women in the clinic iVF Riga

IVF Riga

The clinic iVF Riga offers a new service: insertion of a cerclage pessary which helps prevent preterm birth and miscarriage.

This is one of the most pressing challenges in modern obstetrics. The threat of miscarriage and preterm birth is a very common problem in patients with a complicated gynaecological and obstetric history (diagnosed infertility, miscarriage in the previous pregnancy and a multiple pregnancy). In this case, insertion of a cerclage pessary is recommended as a way of prevention, as it helps avoid preterm birth and miscarriage.

A cerclage pessary is a small medical device made of a pure, biologically inert material. It is inserted into the vagina to hold the uterus in a certain position.

A cerclage pessary is inserted into the vagina in the first or second trimester of pregnancy in patients with:

  • Cervical shortening
  • After cervical conization performed before pregnancy
  • For prevention in case of cervical insufficiency

It is a non-invasive alternative method to the cervical cerclage procedure. Insertion of a cerclage pessary does not require anaesthesia and it is performed on an outpatient basis in the clinic iVF Riga.