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EMBRYOSCOPE – state-of-the-art incubator for improved process of Embryo Development & monitoring/recording 24/7

High-Tech, highly efficient & affordable

iVF Riga is the 1st and only Clinic in the Baltic Region to introduce the Embryoscope technology for Advanced IVF treatments. For the reason that the EmbryoScope incubators is the latest and most advanced device in Assisted Reproduction technologies only several clinics throughout the world will have it in their list of provided services.

What is the EmbryoScope?

The EmbryoScope is an incubator for continuous monitoring & recording of embryo development (24/7) by a built-in camera capable of time-lapse imaging (every 15-20 minutes). It provides the vital physiological conditions required by a living embryo and allows it to grow in safe and controlled conditions without any interruptions in embryo culture (minimal handling of embryos during IVF treatment), thus causing no stress factors for embryo development.

Indications for IVF treatment with EmbryoScope:

  • For patients with implantation failures in previous IVF cycles 
  • Patients with poor egg or sperm quality
  • For patients with advanced maternal age (after 35) 
  • With history of several miscarriages
  • Poor embryonic development in previous treatments

Advantages of IVF treatment with EmbryoScope

It works as an Innovative Embryo Selection Tool

The EmbryoScope incubator has a built-in camera which continuously monitors & records on video all stages of Embryo Development it gives the Embryologists an opportunity to observe:

  • Cell Division patterns of the embryos to select the Top Quality Embryos for the best implantation results;
  • Exclusion & Investigation of Embryos with Chromosomal Abnormalities if any present (based on video of embryo development);

Exclusion of any stress factors for embryos during handling of Embryos in IVF treatment
In Standard Fertility treatment processes such as IVF or ICSI the embryos are required to be taken out of the special heated incubators for their routine checks of development for further selection of top quality ones for Embryo Transfer.

EmbryoScope incubators do not require for the Embryos to be taken out of safe incubator environment and significantly reducing any stress factors for embryo development and avoiding any damage during Selection process prior to Embryo Transfer.

Research indicates that usage of Embryoscope incubator may increase the rates of successful IVF results & pregnancy occurrence up to 20%.

For further information on how to apply for IVF treatment with EmbryoScope please contact us at the following e-mail:

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