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EmbryoScope: a chance of achieving the desired pregnancy

IVF Riga

EmbryoScopeis a unique device that makes it possible to watch the development of eggs starting from the moment of fertilization. Thanks to EmbryoScope, embryos are not exposed to stress, as there is no need to remove them from the incubator every time when an examination is required. The environment in the device is similar to the conditions inside the womb, which has a positive effect on the embryonic development.

Experience of IVF Riga clinic shows that the use of the EmbryoScopeincubator in the treatment of infertility allows for selection of the best embryos for the transfer. As shown by our tests, embryo cultivation in EmbryoScope increases the likelihood of a progressing pregnancy by 1.36 times and decreases the risk of pregnancy loss in the period of up to 12 weeks by more than half.

The use of the new cultivation and selection method makes it possible to get closer to your goal –the much desired pregnancy.