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Eight Steps to Good Health of the Child

IVF Riga

The international conference Eight Steps to Good Health of the Child took place at Tartu Health Care College, Estonia on 24 October 2014. The participants of the conference had the opportunity to hear the presentations made by their colleagues from Finland, Estonia and Latvia. The following topics were highlighted:

- Patient and Family-Centred Care;

- Patient Safety; Availability of Nursing Care;

- Evidence-Based Research;

- Healthy Work Environment and others.

When working with children and infants, special attention must be paid to the patient’s emotions, pain and fear. It is important to be able to distinguish pain from anxiety, as well as to know how to calm the child. A colleague from Finland drew attention to the fact that families should be supported and given an opportunity to take care of their infants who are staying in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, because it contributes to a faster recovery of the infant; besides, the infant is calmer and there is a special bond created between the baby and its family.