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Conference “Innovative technologies in reproductive medicine” in Minsk

IVF Riga

On 23 September, the republican scientific-practical conference “Innovative technologies in reproductive medicine” was held in Minsk, Belarus. The conference was organized by the Ministry of Health, the Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Centre of assisted reproduction “Embryo”. Latvian clinic iVF Riga also took part in the conference, and there it was represented by the geneticist Liene Kornejeva (Liene Korņejeva), as well as the head of marketing department Lilija Agzamova. During the conference, experts from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Tatarstan and Israel presented more than 50 different scientific reports.

Main topics of the programme and section meetings included:

  • Issues related to ART (assisted reproductive technology) preparation
  • Modern view of the problem of infertile marriages
  • Embryology and genetics

Geneticist Liene Kornejeva from the iVF Riga Clinic presented a report on the use of PGD for infertility treatment in Latvia.

In the course of the conference, participants shared their experience and discussed different innovative treatment methods, as well as their application in the daily work of geneticists, biologists, gynecologists and reproductologists. During the final discussion, specialists of reproductive medicine from different countries expressed an opinion that by implementing new and innovative technologies into the daily treatment routine, clinics will have to cooperate and share their experience.