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IVF Riga

Experienced and professional team of doctors, geneticists and embryologists of iVF Riga Genetic centre is currently working on an article “The outcomes after transfers of embryos with chromosomal mosaicism: a single reproductive medicine centre experience”. (Dr. Violeta Fodina, Dr. Ieva Grīnfelde, Dr. Liene Kornejeva, Dr. Aigars Dzalbs, Dr. Natalia Vedmedovska, Dr. Irina Kovaļova, Baiba Alkšere, Dace Bērziņa, Una Čonka, Santa Andersone, Sandra Krasucka, Arita Blumberga).
This article focuses on the possibility and helpfulness of transferring mosaic embryos in IVF cycles.

! Soon we will find out:    

  • what are mosaic embryos;
  • is it possible to use them for transfer;
  • in which cases it is possible – and even necessary;
  • what are the chances of transfer success and the birth of a healthy child?

In 2014, the first Genetic centre in the Baltic States and Northern Europe was opened in Latvia where it is possible to get in-depth genetic examinations.
In July 2015, the first child was born in Latvia after preimplantation genetic screening (PGT-A/PGS) performed at our Genetic centre.
In July 2017, for the first time, children were born in Latvia and in the Baltic States with the help of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGT-M/PGD).

Genetic centre iVF Riga is the leader in the introducing of various innovative technologies, and all our examinations and testing are carried out on-site, in our own laboratory. For each analysis, you will receive a clear explanation and consultation of a geneticist.