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An innovative solution for those who have repeatedly faced with unsuccessful IVF cycles

IVF Riga

News from iVF Riga Clinic! Now we can help couples faced with the following problems during the IVF cycle:

  • from all received eggs only a few are fertilized, and the development of embryos (blastocysts) did not occur at the right rate
  • embryos are cultivated until the day 3, embryo transfer is performed, but pregnancy did not occur
  • development of the embryos stopped until the day 5, and it was impossible to perform embryo transfer
  • only some embryos from several fertilized eggs developed before the day 5, a transfer was made, but the pregnancy did not occur

We work every day to find answers for you and offer some solutions. And this time, a new genetic test was worked out at iVF Riga Genetic Centre, which will help us detect the defects of embryo development. This may be one of the reasons for unsuccessful egg fertilization, embryo arrest, non-occurrence of pregnancy, even if the embryo (blastocyst) develops to the stage, necessary for the transfer.
By applying this test, we can determine if there are changes in the corresponding genes, and if such changes are detected, we will offer a solution so that the couple can still conceive the child and all stages of the cycle are successful.