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8th International IVIRMA Congress

IVF Riga

From April 4 to 6, 2019, iVF Riga Clinic Medical director and the leading Reproductology Specialist Dr. Violeta Fodina, Head of Embryology Laboratory and Quality System Manager Evija Pīmane and Molecular geneticist Dace Bērziņa visited The 8th International IVIRMA Congress in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
This year, the top-level reproductive medicine event brought together the most reputable international speakers from different countries to talk about new advances and results of the latest research in reproductive medicine and share the most innovative techniques. Congress has an outlook towards the present and the future, full of great opportunities and challenges for all professionals that work in reproductive medicine.
The main issues discussed at the congress were researches and achievements dedicated to poor responders; ovarian rejuvenation; better patients’ preparation for IVF cycles; focusing in the problems of polycystic ovaries; pregnancy after IVF - observation and the features; current issues of andrology; new alternatives for fertility preservation in cancer patients…
Having visited this congress, iVF Riga clinic team was convinced that we are working and developing in the right direction, combining IVF and genetics and applying the latest approaches and technologies for better results.