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For sperm donors

Why sperm donors?

Fertilization of the egg by donor sperm is used in case of severe form of male infertility, as well as at high risk of transmission inherited genetic diseases from father to child. It is also a way out for men, in the treatment of cancer receiving radiation and chemotherapy, and for single women. You can help a childless couple to become parents of the long-awaited baby!

Who can become a sperm donor?

Sperm donor can become any healthy men age 18 to 45 years without having infectious diseases, inherited genetic diseases transmitted in the family from generation to generation. Donor sperm must meet certain criteria.

Can potential parents find out who was a sperm donor?

The donor programs are anonymous. According to the legislation of the Latvian Republic potential parents can get information only about the genetic and anthropometric data of the donor (height, weight, color of skin, eyes and hair, blood group and Rh - affiliation, ethnicity, education level, previous diseases). Personal information and photos of the donor can not be obtained.

Do you need to prepare specifically for semen analysis?

Within 3 - 5 days before the semen analysis it is necessary to refrain from sexual intercourse, warm treatments (sauna, hot tub reception), alcohol and antibiotics.

How to become a sperm donor?

First of all you need to enroll in a clinic for a semen analysis. Sperm test can be made during workdays from 9:00 – 15:00. The semen sample obtained by masturbation in a specially designated area where nobody will disturb donor. Semen is examined in the laboratory, and if it matches certain criteria, the donor is invited to the re-analysis after 3 weeks. If this sample of sperm is normal, it prepares for further tests.

Volume of donor examinations:

  • blood grouping;
  • determination of Rh factor;
  • determination of the karyotype; blood analysis;
  • TPH analysis (syphilis);
  • HIV analysis;
  • hepatitis B and hepatitis C analysis;
  • determination of sexually transmitted diseases – STD (gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia) – swab from the urethra
  • spermogramm
  • genetic and psychiatrist - narcologyst consultation

If the test results are within the normal range, clinic prepares a cooperation agreement which specifies the obligations of both sides for donor to sign. Then you must donate one more semen portion, which will be frozen and stored in the laboratory under special conditions for 6 months (quarantine). After this time donor has to repeat blood and infection tests. Use of thawed donor sperm is permissible only after receiving repeated negative donor test results after 6 months.

How frequently you can donate sperm?

Sample of semen you can donate every 3-5 days, observing all the requirements of clinic to prepare for analysis.

Why should you become a sperm donor?

Complete medical examination is free for potential donor (including tests for sexually transmitted infections and other infections), as well as the chromosome test.

After sperm donation, sperm donor can make sure about his sperm quality, which is especially important for men who have no children, but would like to have them in future.

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