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Giving to Charity – Information for Potential Oocyte (Egg) Donors

Why does this program exist?

The egg donation program was created to help people who can`t conceive with their own cells for different medical reasons.

Donor oocyte (egg) will be offered for infertility treatment to a patient. It can be the only chance for a woman to conceive be herself, if her own genetic material is not effective in artificial insemination.

Benefit of participation in the program:

  • Free gynecological consultation and ultrasound examination
  • Analyses for infections (Syphillis, HIV, Hepatitis B and C)
  • Analyses for sexually transmitted infections (Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, Chlamydia)
  • Microbiologic and oncocitologic swabs
  • While you are in the program – free gynecological consultations at any time
  • Free genetic consultations
  • Individual and friendly approach
  • Full anonymity

How long does the whole process take?

Before donors can participate in the program, they have to take all the necessary surveys and analyses. Within 2-3 weeks, when all the results are known, our administrators will contact the donor. Participation in donor program usually takes about 6-7 visits to the clinic (depending on the gynecologist's recommendations)

First visit:

Consultation with gynecologist and checkup – 1h

Second visit:

Genetic and psychiatric consultation – 1h

Third visit:

Start of manipulation – 15min
Fourth and Fifth visit:

During stimulation – gynecological examination to control growth of follicles – about 15min

Sixth visit:


Seventh visit:

Examination after menstruation

The fact that every woman is different, the process may be shorter or longer. In order to fit around the donor's schedule, we try to make the appointments as flexible as possible.

How painful is this process?

In the stimulation process, the medicines are injected subcutaneously in the abdominal area for 10 days with very thin and short needle to avoid donor discomfort. Our team trains donors and they can make injections by themselves. Full dosage of anesthesia is used during puncture, so the donor doesn't feel pain and wakes up easily. There are situations, where breastfeeding moms can make their intention known, whether they want to take part in the egg donation program or not. Of course, participation in this program is allowed, but only after the mother is not breastfeeding anymore.

More information about the process:

1st step:

You have to undergo a health checkup. Not every woman who wants to become a donor can take part in this process.

2ns step:

If you are healthy enough, you will be invited to the donor program and a gynecologist will start the stimulation process of the ovaries with special medications (hormone FSH). Egg donors often ask if this process can affect the hormonal system, if can it cause hormonal disruption, or if they will gain weight. The answer is: medications that contain FSH have a very short effect and influence only on the growth of follicles.

3d step:

Collection of the oocytes is a procedure which is done under short intravenous anesthesia. During the procedure, the doctor will aspirate follicles through the vagina under ultrasound control.

4th step:

The doctor will observe the donor ten days after manipulation and before menstruation. If there are no complaints, the observation period can be distanced by contacting doctors or coordinators and informing them about your health. The next day after the procedure you can go to work.

5th step:

Observation after menstruation: (The donor has to come to the clinic, where she will be observed by a gynecologist and US specialist).

You can make an appointment for a free consultation by phone: +371 26591605, or write to us by e-mail: lena.silkalna@ivfriga.eu

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Jelena Silkalna
Jelena Silkalna
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Zita Gaidule (on maternity leave)
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Marina Valetko

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