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Infertility diagnostics and treatment in clinic"iVF Riga"

Definition of Infertility and Infertility Treatment in iVF Riga

Desire to have a child – it is an expression of a deep affection and trust between two partners. It witnesses about the readiness of both partners to take a responsibility for the small human being, who is a part of both. But unfortunately, doctors – gynaecologists during their practice often have to meet the problems of conception in couples.

The most frequently used methods of artificial insemination during the treatment of infertility include:

Infertility treatment - What is Infertility?

According to the definition of the World Health Organization – Infertility is the failure to conceive for 1 year of unprotected intercourse on a regular basis for women of childbearing age. 

How frequently do infertility problems occur?

The frequency of the infertile marriage cases nowadays have reached from 10 % up to 20%.

Is the cause of infertility always in a woman?

According to the statistics in the 35% of cases – the cause of infertility is hidden in the female body and in the 35% of cases – in the male, the cause of every 5th case of infertility are problems with the female and male at the same time and in the 10% of cases it is not possible to detect the problem at all.

Infertility treatment - Are there any factors which increase the chance of infertility?

Infections always affect the spreading of infertility, which are spread sexually.
There are factors which significantly predisposing to infertility such as: gynaecological diseases (chronic inflammatory diseases of the uterine appendages, cysts and ovarian cystomas, uterine myoma, endometriosis), complications after abortion or miscarriage, harmful habits as well as uncontrolled use of hormonal and birth control medications.
Also it is important to highlight the increase of infertility cases recently which are caused by the effects of the unfavourable environment factors, stress factors as well as unfavourable ecological factors which have the worst effect in the conditions of a big town.

Can infertility be treated?

In the case when the couple is not able to conceive children. It is necessary to visit the specialist which is dealing with this problem (reproductologist, reproductive health specialist). Infertility may have several causes however most of those causes may be diagnosed and treated.

Infertility treatment - What happens at a counselling session?

First counselling session usually involves the collection of patient’s medical history, ultrasound diagnostics, and gynaecology examination. After that our doctor will make a schedule for further examinations. Due to the fact that infertility may be both in men and women simultaneously, both partners must undergo examination.

Usually our doctor will ask following questions:

  • How long the couple is trying to conceive; 
  • If partners had any previous infertility treatment; 
  • Type of previous examinations; 
  • If the couple has any ideas about possible causes of infertility; 
  • How did the infertility problem affect the life of each partner (interpersonal relationship, self-esteem, work);

Patient’s and doctor’s relationship must be built on a trust; it will help for the couple to open up and not to be scared to ask any questions, to openly discuss the problem.
There is always comfortable climate in iVF Riga and our Staff has friendly and professional approach.

Infertility treatment requires time as well as some reserve of patience and tenacity. When starting the infertility treatment you must feel that you have obtained full information and received answers to all your questions. Before the counselling session we recommend to make a list of questions for our specialist and bring with you all existing medical documentation about the previous infertility treatment, test/diagnosis results, and conclusions.

Infertility treatment - In which cases IVF is recommended?

In the case if the infertility treatment of infertility in a woman is not effective although all possible causes were removed, or there is a factor of male infertility which also cannot be treated. Then it is recommended to use the Assisted Reproductive Technologies, specifically Artificial Insemination.

When asking for the help from professionals you make the right step. We are thankful for your trust which you are expressing with this step. Our team includes - doctors, embryologists, biologists, nurses and patient coordinators will make every effort to help you!