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Hormone Tests

Your doctor has to detect the level of hormones in your blood to make it possible to find the failures in the maturation process of the egg cell. This information is required for planning the best dates for conception. The above mentioned method of examination gives an opportunity in detection of problems in operation of the ovaries and endocrine glands, as well as to perform an evaluation of the egg cell reserve in the ovaries.

It is recommended to perform analysis of hormones only during specific days of your cycle. Blood test sample is required for detection of hormone concentration:

  • Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)
  • prolactin;
  • estradiol;
  • progesterone;
  • testosterone;
  • uteinizing hormone;
  • triiodothyronine;
  • thyroxine;
  • dehydroepiandrosterone;
  • 17-oxiprogesterone;
  • theryotropic hormone.