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Gynecological US (gynecological ultrasound) Examination of The Organs of The Lesser Pelvis

Gynecological ultrasound are performed for women in transabdominal way (through anterior abdominal wall) or transvaginal way (through the vagina). With a help of transvaginal gynecological ultrasound diagnostics it is possible to discover non- malignant and malignant formations (growths) in the uterus and ovaries, urethral pathologies, inflammation processes, urination disorders and causes of urinary incontinence, early pregnancy as well as to monitor the ovarian follicular apparatus during the treatment of infertility. For successful performance of the transabdominal gynecological ultrasound diagnostics full bladder is needed and it is also recommended to drink 500ml – 700 ml of fluids - 2-3 hours before examination. It is recommended to perform this gynecological ultrasound examination once a year.