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Gynecology and Women's Health

Gynecology – perhaps is the most delicate field in medicine, which is dedicated to woman and her health. A woman's sexual sphere is very sensitive and vulnerable. Important aspect of woman's health state is reproductive health, which is also influence on the child's health. To be sure, about her health, woman should regularly visit gynecologist. Special place in gynecology take prophylaxis of different gynecological diseases. Treatment, when all diseases diagnosed timely, will be much easier, faster and cheaper. Every woman should have own attending gynecologist, so you can rely on him at the most important moments of life. Gynecologist have to know all individual features of your organism, all diseases, which you had or have. Communication with you and your doctor should be easy and confidential. Priority of IVF Riga clinic is individual approach, friendly and careful attention, and high professionalism of a team. IVF Riga gynecologists care about patient's reproductive health, providing gynecological services and maintenance of pregnancy.

IVF Riga clinic provides:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the female genital organs (including inflammatory infections, and STI's)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of endocrinology pathology in gynecology
  • Various analyzes
  • Help with questions about planning a family and choosing a contraception method
  • Infertility diagnosis treatment
  • Help to woman in the premenopausal period
  • Modern diagnostics (gynecological ultrasound, mammary glands ultrasound, hysteroscopy, etc.)
  • Prophylaxes gynecological checkup
  • Monitoring the postpartum period
  • Consultation about opportunities and the need for surgical solution