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Embryo Donation/Adoption (Donor Embryo) Program

IVF Riga offers an Embryo Donation program, using donor egg and donor sperm. The results of this treatment are very good, because it uses the cells of the young, healthy people.

Our coordinators will provide full support by phone or email before and after your IVF treatment (with the egg/sperm donor or without).

IVF Riga has developed close relationship with gynecologists from around the world that will assist you with your ultrasound check-ups during the treatment in your own country. We have an on-site pharmacy where you can buy all prescribed medications during your visit to our clinic.

Embryo Donation

Embryo Donation treatment uses both donor eggs and sperm. The success rates of Embryo Donation are very high due to the fact that all genetic material comes from young and healthy people.

Embryo Donation - Legal Aspect

According to the existing Latvian legislation, Embryo Donation is available for heterosexual couples and single women.

Embryo Donation – for Recipient

A female recipient is prepared according to the specific program, which includes the use of medicines for preparation of the uterine mucous membrane as well as an ultrasound examination of the endometrium growth (this can be performed at home with a local doctor)
Before placing an embryo into the uterine cavity a woman has to receive additional medication for the improvement of the implantation process and embryo survival ability.

Our coordinators will help you to choose the donor according to criteria similar to your criterion and will supervise the correct performance of recommendations.

After the occurrence of pregnancy we will help you to remove medication and will provide you with all necessary recommendations regarding pregnancy prolongation.

Embryo Donation Guide: