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What is necessary to save the child's stem cells at the Centre for Biotechnology and Stem Cells of iVF Riga Clinic?

  • Explore all the possibilities of the provision of services (informative materials, and the centre's website).
  • Consult a specialist of the Centre for Biotechnology and Stem Cells at the iVF Riga Clinic or by phone: +371 26 600 533 (Patient coordinator).
  • Choose a cord blood storage programme.
  • Conclude an agreement with the Centre for Biotechnology and Stem Cells - this can be done at the iVF Riga Clinic, or our specialist can go to sign the agreement at the maternity hospital (free of charge).
  • Pay for the service according to the contract.
  • Get a special container for umbilical cord blood collection, which should be given to the obstetrician-gynaecologist who delivers the baby at the beginning of the birth.
  • After delivery, immediately call the Patient coordinator of our centre (tel. +371 26 600 533) or the reception of the iVF Riga Clinic (tel. +371 67 111 117) and report about the necessity of transportation of the container.
  • Within one month after the birth, you will obtain a Certificate of the sample of stem cells stored in the centre.