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How is the process of receiving the Cord blood stem cells organised?

The procedure for obtaining cord blood stem cells is quite simple and safe for both mother and child. For the convenience of the patients, there is a simple and clear procedure.

  • Approximately a month before the baby is born, you contact our Centre for Biotechnology and Stem Cells.
  • On the day of childbirth, you should contact the Patient coordinator of our centre and report on the delivery.
  • Cord blood collection is carried out by specially trained personnel of the maternity department (midwife) in the delivery room immediately after childbirth up to delivery of the placenta. After the baby is born, the umbilical cord is clamped with special clamps, and the cord blood remaining inside is collected in a sterile blood bag with a substance that prevents blood clotting (anticoagulant). A tube with a needle for blood collection is attached to the sterile blood bag. With this needle the midwife punctures the umbilical vein and the umbilical cord blood goes through the needle into the sterile blood bag. The entire process takes 2-5 minutes and can be performed both in natural childbirth and a caesarean section. The sterile blood bag has to be signed and placed in a container, the supporting documents must be filled in. The container should be given to the courier of our centre. 
  • Courier delivers the container with blood to our Laboratory where stem cells are selected.
  • In the laboratory, our specialists carry out the processing of a sample of cord blood, stem cell selection and their preparation for freezing. Simultaneously there is a test for the presence of bacteria and viruses in the blood. Before the end of this test, frozen samples are kept in quarantine, separately from the rest. Selected stem cells are placed into cryotubes with a special individual barcode marking. After that, the stem cells are frozen to a temperature of -100°C.
  • After freezing, the stem cells are placed in storage tanks with liquid nitrogen (Dewar flasks) for storage at a temperature of -196°C. This cryogenic technology makes it possible to effectively store stem cells for an unlimited time.
  • After the selection of stem cell’s concentrate and placement in storage, you will get a Certificate of cord blood stem cells concentrate, reflecting the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the sample.