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The benefits of using cord blood stem cells

Why is it better to use cord blood stem cells?

Cord blood stem cells are young - much younger than the same type of bone marrow cells, as they are stored at the beginning of life. Over the years, the human body ages and becomes exposed to the impact of adverse factors, such as transferred diseases, unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle. All of this affects the properties of stem cells in the organism. Cord blood stem cells are collected at the earliest stage of human life when they have the greatest potential and increased activity. So they take root faster and begin to restore the hematopoietic system more actively. This is what determines their greater ability to divide and transform into the necessary cells, making stem cell therapy more effective.

The quantity and concentration of stem cells in cord blood is higher than in other sources (bone marrow or peripheral blood after mobilization).

Collecting cord blood is a simple and painless procedure, which is absolutely safe for the health of both the mother and baby. Any risk of infection is excluded. Blood from the umbilical vein flows independently, a medical needle just needs to be inserted in it. If one was to compare it, for example, with the process of obtaining bone marrow, it would require a two-hour operation under general anaesthesia, where there is always a risk of respiratory or cardiovascular disorders.


Another unique property of cord blood stem cells - their compatibility: own cord blood stem cells are 100% suitable for your child and have a 50-75 percent probability of suiting brothers and sisters and close relatives. When these cells are placed into the organism, they will not be rejected. The probability that a compatible donor sample will be found, is many times less.

Cord blood stem cells are available, if necessary, at the first request of their owner, as at very low temperatures (-196°C) they keep the functional activity for a long time. The process of preparing the issuance of the sample does not take much time, whereas the required donor sample may be searched for over many years.

It is very economical to use cord blood stem cells. By preserving cord blood stem cells of their newborn, parents can be sure that the cost of collection, separation and storage of their own cord blood stem cells, even throughout all of life, is at least 10 times less than the cost of a sample of donor bone marrow stem cells. Besides, the process of finding a suitable bone marrow donor is quite expensive and long.