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Stem cells - your investment in the future!

New direction of iVF Riga Clinic - the opening of the Centre for Biotechnology and Cord Blood Stem Cells. Now you can get a new exclusive service in our clinic - to take care of the future of your children and protect them against possible risks and dangerous diseases. Do not miss this unique opportunity to make an investment in your own health and that of your children. Save something important today that can be of help tomorrow!

Cord blood stem cells can only be obtained once in a lifetime - at birth, and as new technologies in medicine are developing day by day, after a few years cell transplantation of umbilical cord blood will be used in various medical fields. Therefore, you and your child will have your own reserve - biological insurance against a huge number of serious diseases. It is particularly important to preserve the stem cells of the child, if there have been cases of cancer, genetic, cardiovascular diseases or blood diseases among family members.

Remember: preserving the umbilical cord blood of your child today may be valuable in the future!

Why choose the Centre for Biotechnology and Stem Cells of iVF Riga Clinic for the storage of stem cells?

Our centre offers:

  • In-depth health examination using the latest techniques of the European level, including comprehensive genetic and molecular genetic testing in a specialised laboratory of our own Centre for Reproductive Genetics.
  • All of the complicated process of selection, processing and storage of stem cells in one place - in the new high-tech laboratory of stem cells of iVF Riga Clinic.
  • Equipment corresponding to the highest and latest standards of modern biotechnology.
  • Certification, which meets all the international quality standards.
  • Highly qualified specialists, trained in the most famous leading stem cells banks worldwide.
  • Agreements for the collection of umbilical cord blood with all the maternity departments of the major hospitals in Latvia.
  • Simple and clear organisation of the process of receipt and delivery of umbilical cord blood for storage in our centre.
  • Competitive prices and various payment options.

For more information you can always contact our Centre for Stem Cells of iVF Riga Clinic at:

1 Zala Street, Riga, Latvia (tel.: +371 67 111 117)
visit our website: www.ivfrigastemcells.lv or contact our Centre for Stem Cells Patient coordinators:  
Natalia Polukarova, Marija Urbo
e-mail: Natalija.Polukarova@ivfriga.eu; cilmessunas@ivfriga.eu
or by phone: +371 266 005 33