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Going for treatment abroad?

IVF treatment at iVF Riga clinic in Riga

iVF Riga is a One-Stop clinic where you can get all the necessary tests, undergo examinations and start your treatment in just one day of your appointment.

How many visits to iVF Riga clinic are required in total?

You will require a total of 1 to 3 visits to the clinic, depending on the type of treatment and the length of your stay in Riga

* The first appointment is not needed if the patient has undergone all the necessary tests and examinations in their country
** iVF Riga clinic has close cooperation with gynaecologists and ultrasound specialists from Sweden and Norway
*** Reservation of a Skype conference with dr. Violeta Fodina, chief specialist in infertility treatment at iVF Riga clinic 

7 simple steps to the birth of a child

  Infertility treatment using the patient’s own eggsInfertility treatment using donor eggs
  Step 1
  Contact our patient coordinators: Marina Valetko, Zita Gaidule or Jelena Silkalna
  Step 2
  Make an appointment with an infertility specialist: dr. Violeta Fodina or dr. Irina Kovalova 
  Step 3

  Visit iVF Riga clinic for your first appointment*
  * The first appointment is not needed if the patient has undergone all the necessary tests and    examinations in their country

  Step 4
  • Visit to iVF Riga clinic for egg retrieval
  • Collecting the partner’s sperm/selecting a sperm donor 
  • Selecting an egg donor
  • Donor egg retrieval
  • Collecting the partner’s sperm/selecting a sperm donor
  Step 5
  Implantation of the embryos in the uterine cavity (embryo transfer)
  Step 6
  Pregnancy test in 14 days after embryo transfer 
  Step 7
  Contact your personal patient coordinator

Are you living in UK?

If you live permanently in the UK, you are entitled to receive treatment in iVF Riga clinic and claim a refund of the money that you have paid for infertility treatment from the UK National Health System (NHS).

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Location of iVF Riga clinic 

  • Distance from Riga Airport: 11 km
  • Distance from Riga Passenger Terminal: 1.6 km
  • No visa required
  • Short distance from any European country
  • The clinic is located in a quiet area of Riga, the capital of Latvia
  • Convenient public transportation

Travel assistance

  • Pick up from Riga Airport
  • Pick up from Riga Passenger Terminal
  • Discounts on hotel accommodation for iVF Riga clinic patients at our partner hotels: Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija (8 min walk to our clinic; breakfast and gym included; SPA available for additional price) or Clarion Collection Hotel® Valdemars (3 min walk to our clinic; breakfast, dinner, snacks, gym and sauna included).
  • Assistance and advice in choosing a suitable hotel based on patients’ needs and wishes

Hotels and discounts

Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija and Clarion Collection Hotel® Valdemars offer discounts on accommodation for iVF Riga clinic patients

Communication and languages

Languages spoken: English, Russian, Latvian
Translation services: iVF Riga clinic provides translation services at the patients’ request
Language of documents and contracts: English, Russian, Latvian
Language of results of laboratory tests and examinations: English, Russian, Latvian
For more information please contact our coordinators

Contact our patient's coordinators!
Jelena Silkalna
Jelena Silkalna
Marina Valetko
Marina Valetko
Nadia Hrolenko (ex Runce)
Nadia Hrolenko (ex Runce)
Zita Gaidule (on maternity leave)
Zita Gaidule (on maternity leave)

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