iVF Riga clinic: Why choose us?

  • Qualification and experience:

    • Services at iVF Riga clinic are provided by a highly skilled and experienced team, which is headed by the famous reproduction specialist Violeta Fodina 
    • Infertility treatment, genetics issues, prenatal care and coordination of patients – these are our key services, backed by years of experience 
    • Even in the most difficult situations, we do not give up and always strive to find answers to the questions: How to overcome infertility? How to keep the pregnancy? How to give birth to a healthy baby? 
    • iVF Riga clinic is famed for its specialists who account for more than 3,000 happy families all around the world 
    • iVF Riga clinic has succeeded in infertility treatment and continues to develop, bravely opening its doors to the latest developments, technology and research
    iVF Riga
  • Standards of quality:

    • iVF Riga clinic meets all requirements of quality standards ISO 9001:2008 recognized worldwide
    • Winner of the prestigious 2014 Quality Award for Latvian Health Care Centres 
    • Holder of an international quality certificate for sperm testing
    • Priorities of iVF Riga clinic include quality patient service, personal approach and professional development
    iVF Riga
  • Increasing chances of pregnancy:

    • EmbryoScope is a new generation incubator, providing an opportunity to monitor the development of the embryo and helping choose the most suitable embryo for implantation
    • EmbryoGlue is a specially designed medium for successful embryo implantation
    • EmbryoGen is a medium improving the cellular communication between the mother and the embryo
    • Acupuncture increases blood flow to the pelvic organs and restores a normal hormonal balance, thus stimulating the ovaries in women and the testes in men
    iVF Riga
  • Centre for Reproductive Genetics

    The first Centre for Reproductive Genetics in Northern Europe offering an in-depth diagnosis of infertility

    The Centre for Reproductive Genetics of iVF Riga clinic can help patients give birth to a healthy baby:

    • if the patient already has a child with genetic defects 
    • if the patient has a rare genetic disease 
    • if the patient has a history of unsuccessful artificial insemination 
    • if the patient has a history of miscarriage
    • if the male partner has reproductive health issues (diagnosed oligospermia and azoospermia) 
    • if the patient has a high-risk pregnancy
    iVF Riga
  • Donation programmes

    • The first official bank of genetic material in the Baltic States
    • Legal donation
    • A wide selection of donors
    • Anonymous donors
    • Donor sperm for single women
    • Donors of iVF Riga clinic undergo a thorough health check by a gynaecologist, urologist, geneticist and addiction psychiatrist
    • Donors of iVF Riga clinic also undergo a mandatory health check by a medical geneticist
    iVF Riga
  • Preservation of fertility

    • Preserving fertility in cancer patients
    • Preserving fertility in children under the age of puberty who are faced with cancer
    • Delayed motherhood 
    • Delayed fatherhood
    • Possibility to store the genetic material for up to 10 years
    • Vitrification (ultra-fast freezing) of reproductive cells and tissues with a guaranteed high percentage of survival (98%)
    iVF Riga
  • Location 

    • iVF Riga clinic is located in Riga, the capital of Latvia and the largest city in the Baltic States
    • 11 km from Riga Airport 
    • 1.6 km from Riga Passenger Terminal
    • 2 minutes’ walk from the Albert Hotel
    • Easy access by public transportation
    iVF Riga
  • Financial Reimbursement for UK patients

    • Fertility Treatment costs recovery by NHS for patients from UK
    • Close cooperation with Medrefund Ltd (http://medrefund.co.uk/en/)

    iVF Riga clinic works in partnership with MedRefund LTD, a prospective company which will help you prepare all the necessary documentation and get a refund of the money spent on the treatment of infertility in iVF Riga clinic.

    If you live permanently in the UK, you are entitled to receive treatment in iVF Riga clinic and claim a refund of the money that you have paid for infertility treatment from the UK National Health System (NHS).

    Learn more

    iVF Riga

Dear Patients!

Ava Riga changed its name! Due to expansion and establishment of two major departments – the genetics centre and the bank of genetic material, Ava Riga clinic has changed its name to iVF Riga effective 22 July 2014.

With the introduction of the new brand – iVF Riga, Ava Riga will preserve the whole experience, which has been a basis for the previous activities of the clinic, and supplement it with new knowledge and capabilities. Read more

The annual 32th international conference ESHRE 2016

The annual 32th international conference ESHRE 2016

iVF Riga Clinic team attended the annual 32th international conference ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology), which traditionally brings together the leading experts in the field of reproduction,...

PGDIS International Annual Conference in Bologna

PGDIS International Annual Conference in Bologna

On May 8-11, 2016, 15th International Conference on Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) by Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis International Society (PGDIS) took place in Bologna (Italy). The conference brought together leading...

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